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CryptocurrenciesDigital CurrenciesIndependence Tech

Blockchain Technology Is Supposed To Be Secure…But Is It?

I recently wrote to tell you how experts predicted that the price of bitcoin might go as high as $6,000 by the middle of 2018. Since then it's hit $19,000...

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DIY GardeningHomesteading

Find Your Own Piece Of Gardening Heaven

The average person spends $2,641 per year on food. Growing your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs is literally putting money in your pocket...and health back in your bones...

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DIY GardeningHealth and WellbeingSelf-Reliance

Check Out Home Remedies For Your Medical Care

As you've probably heard me say before, my own physician told me that our medical system is the third leading cause of death in America...

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Online IncomeRemote Working

How To Grab Wealth On Your Own Terms

"Wealth, no less than knowledge, is power," wrote Henry David Thoreau. That quote surprises many folks who think of Thoreau as a fellow...

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Free ThinkingTravel

Take Advantage Of Freebies And Bargains

Consumer items tend to go up in price over time, not down, he reasoned, but you buy them year-in, year-out. So, he makes money by locking in a lower price and buying a larger...

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Reclaim The Pleasure Of Woodworking In Your Own Shed

Every time I work with wood I am reminded of my good friend Lonnie. He was the most capable woodsman I've ever known. He grew up in a small log cabin in the Blue Ridge...

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Spend More Time Outdoors Doing What You Love

Every week on my farm I try to find an activity to do with my children that saves us all money...and that is enjoyable. It usually means turning off the TV and the computer, putting down...

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Simple LivingTechnology

Use Microtechnology To Check The Chickens…

Having a homestead is a blessing. Knowing that your food is chock-full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, and grown without harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals...

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DIY GardeningHomesteadingLivestock

Save Time And Money By Trading In Your Lawn Mower

Looking at the space around my house where grass grows – what other people call a lawn – I see a place to produce food.For many years, I've given up lawn mowers and...

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Enjoy The Satisfaction Of Carrying Out Your Own Car Maintenance

One of the surefire ways to extend the life of your vehicle is to change the oil on a regular basis, and one of the best ways to save money is to do it yourself...

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Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceOnline Income

Give Yourself Time And Freedom For An Online Income

I already knew of a new self-employment path I wanted to try...but as a husband and father of seven, I knew it takes more than wishes and dreams to pay the bills and put enough food...

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Avoid The Stress of Air Travel

Psychologists are even considering a measurement called the "air travel stress scale" to assist them treating people for stress and anxiety...

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Financial FreedomGig EconomyOnline Income

Creating Passive Income Using The Sharing Economy

All over the world, people are renting out their spare rooms thanks to the Airbnb platform. Others are earning as drivers through Uber or Lyft. The sharing economy allows you to create...

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Diet & ExerciseHealth and Wellbeing

Say “No” To Big Ag And It’s Corporate Flock

The eggs you buy from Big Ag are not gathered by hand and placed into little yellow baskets cushioned by beds of straw. Hens lay them directly above automated conveyer belts that...

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HomesteadingSimple Living

Savor The Authentic Taste Of Home Brewing

After a long — but rewarding — day spent tending your vegetable garden, feeding the chickens, and maybe fishing in the river, you're ready for a well-prepared supper that showcases your...

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