We’re not always smart about how we spend our money.

Often, we don’t have time to see the cost-cutting opportunities.

We are too busy getting through the list of tasks of the day…get to work, buy groceries, collect dry cleaning, make a dentist appointment, get home.

Trying to make it to the end of the week is a target in itself. No wonder we spend money frivolously just to keep going.

Retailers like that. They want to keep you spending your hard-earned cash with them so they can clock up the profits.

Truth & Plenty editor Tom Kerr has figured out a way of saving money as you set up your garden…

Reduce your debt

Of course, when you grow your own food you’re saving money on groceries…and you’re eating better (as well as getting garden exercise) so you’re spending less on medication and healthcare. As your debt drops, so do your stress levels…and your overtime hours.

Are you starting to see a picture emerge here?

With more time, you can pay attention to your finances…tap into the bonuses and refunds on your credit card…live rich on your travel points…beat the system in paying medical care…earn cash through the apps on your smartphone.

In essence, you can quit paying over the odds for what you need and start clawing some cash back where you can.

At Independence Monthly, we do the research for you. You’ll discover the best places to live for lowering your taxes…or how you can slash your expenses for the freedom of life on the road. You’ll meet homesteaders who want to put down roots and retirees who want to set sail. You’ll rediscover the satisfaction of traditional skills that make you more self-reliant.

Above all, you’ll create more time and freedom for the life you want to live.

Whether you spend that time in the garden…on the water…in the tool shed…or traveling around the country…well, that’s entirely up to you.

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