Marjory Wildcraft writing about homesteading

My mantra is: “Homegrown food on every table”.

What does that mean to me?

It means I get to experience the delightful tastes of fresh, healthy food at each meal in my home…food that is rich in nutrition with bright beautiful colors and amazing tastes. It means I awake with sheer delight every morning rediscovering that my body moves freely with agility and strength. It means friends who haven’t seen me in years say, “You look great. You haven’t aged a bit.”

I’ve been working more and more with the higher energetic and nutritive wild foods through edible landscaping. All around my yard is food or medicine growing.

I want to share this amazing experience with everyone…

It just tears me up to see people feeding their kids junk — especially very young children. How are their little bodies ever going to be healthy and grow properly? Most people just don’t realize how bad it is, or I am sure they wouldn’t feed it to the kids.

It is so bad the Center for Disease Control fully expects that one third of all children born in the last decade will have type II diabetes in their lifetimes. It is so bad they are starting to screen sixth graders for heart disease. And the school lunch program is probably some of the worst food on the planet.

When my daughter turned 12, we had a pajama party with four of her best girlfriends. One of the girls (I’ll call her Amy), was dropped off by her parents and I offered to show them around the farm a bit.

Now Amy is really big for her age and her parents are large around the waist. From their body size, skin, and quality of their flesh, it was easy to see they ate mostly conventional food.

I usually don’t say anything to people, because…well…where do you begin?

But in the back of my conscience I heard the mantra…”Homegrown food on every table.”

I started by showing them the flock of 87 pastured chickens we are raising. My husband and I do these big batches once or twice a year to fill up the freezer for our family to eat throughout the year. We also use them for trading with neighbors. And when our hearts call for it, we give these delicious home grown chickens as gifts to friends.

“Producing chickens is a tough business with a very thin profit margin of only about three percent,” I explained. “The most important, biggest thing, is the weight of the birds. The total sale amount depends on the total weight. So a common practice in the larger chicken operations is to add a tiny amount of arsenic to the chickens feed.

“It’s not enough to kill the chickens; it is just a tiny amount. But it gets into the chickens’ bodies and causes the cells of the chickens to swell and retain water so the chickens weigh more. So a little bit of arsenic helps cut down on the cost of feed, and turns out to be a profitable thing to do.

“The thing is though, when you eat that chicken meat, you get the arsenic in your cells. Your cells swell and retain water. And you are thinking you are eating healthy because you choose chicken right?”

The couple stood there a moment, thinking. Then, the husband said slowly, “They also feed those animals growth hormones to get them fatter and bigger more quickly and we are eating that too. And they give them anti-biotics…” His voice drifted off.

There was a bit more silence. And then the wife said, with a burst of enthusiasm, “We have three acres of land.”

I grinned and gave them a copy of the video set I created titled Grow Your Own Groceries which is the fastest way for a total newbie to gain confidence they can grow their own food.

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