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Having a homestead is a blessing.

Knowing that your food is chock-full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, and grown without harmful pesticides or other dangerous chemicals, offers a feeling of pride and wellbeing that just can’t be duplicated.

On the other hand, there is a list of chores and tasks that need to be seen to.

Sometimes you just can’t get everything done…an emergency repair takes longer than you thought, or maybe you are sick or injured and just can’t get out to tend to your crops or your livestock.

So…imagine living on your homestead and having your animals “report” to you.

A dairy cow has a fever and you know about it immediately…a horse has not made it back from the pasture and you know exactly where it is…the chicken coop door has closed for the evening and “everyone” is accounted for.

Imagine for a minute that it sprinkled yesterday and you’re not sure if you need to water your crops today. Or it’s scheduled to rain heavily the next day.

Wouldn’t it be great to see that all moisture, temperature, and humidity levels were set for you, designed to efficiently deliver the most yield…before you even sat down for your breakfast in the morning?

This idea is not far off from becoming reality…even for small farmers and homesteaders.

For instance, there is a simple solution to the water worry…something tiny but powerful when applied to the right task.

I’m talking about sensors.

A company from Hawaii called Smartyields has created a wireless system that works with an app to help you monitor the weather, soil conditions, and lighting in your field.

For less than $100, you can have those details at your fingertips, saving time and effort for other chores.

But there’s an even bigger story here.

What if I told you that billions are already beginning to be spent on this type of microtechnology, and that it is projected to become a $19-trillion industry before 2020?

Even more exciting, the makers of this new invention are set to deliver incredible profits to those who see the opportunity coming.

Behind the headlines, there’s an investment opportunity unfolding.

It already has the attention of several major companies including UPS, Google, and IBM, and they’ve all shown their support by investing billions into this space.

Once you begin to understand the potential impact it could have on virtually every major industry, you can see the opportunity for life changing gains to your investment accounts.

The Internet of Things will take the hassle out of homesteading…and all manner of daily activities.

The technology will be in demand.

The investors will profit.

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