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What does your daily commute look like? Do you wait in traffic, listen to chaos, or smell the fumes of vehicles? Is your commute taking more of your free time away? And once you arrive at work, does your cubicle, office, or co-workers suck the life out of you?

Not in my world. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid a work commute…a mindful decision to immerse myself in a positive work environment – an environment where I make the rules and give myself freedom. I’ve created my perfect work-life situation on my homestead. I’ve combine my love of homesteading with an income as a freelance online copywriter.

I write copy for informational companies, e-commerce, email marketing, content marketing, and training. My clients are professional companies, which I’ve connected with through email, social media, and referrals – companies that pay me what I’m worth, as a professional copywriter. You’d be amazed at how many legitimate and well paid copywriting positions are available in today’s market place.

In fact, 65% of my income comes from freelance copywriting. This gives me freedom to do other things I love, when I want to. Things like sewing, snowmobiling, gardening, and spending time with my kids and grandkids. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon or 10 o’clock in the morning, I decide my schedule. The best part, besides the money, is that I don’t have to ask a boss permission about anything.

I’ve surrounded myself with other like-minded freelance copywriters for support, training, and critiques, allowing me to sharpen my copywriting and business skills. By creating an inner positive circle for myself, I’ve eliminated office drama, but kept human contact. So you could say I work by myself, but I’m never isolated…unless I want to be.

You might be a little surprised by my main office set up. I have a 20-inch computer screen connected to my tablet, creating a dual-screen system. I’ve created a workstation that is simple, reliable, and mobile. I have access to all my work, no matter if I’m in this office or one of my other offices.

When was the last time you packed up your stuff in minutes, and chose to work elsewhere?

For me it’s anytime I choose. Today, I want to work by the pond. Yesterday I worked while my granddaughters napped. And the day before I finished a project on the porch as the sun was setting. It’s quite empowering to work as I do, knowing I truly have control over my lifestyle, work, and income.

I’ve worked in many places. Some for sheer pleasure and others for a grand purpose. Last year I completed assignments on a cross-country flight…and you should’ve seen the look on my sister’s face when I was her 40th birthday surprise. Then I shut my computer for five days, while we enjoyed time in the Arizona red rock country.

I write for companies in the natural living and educational niche, which means every time I work, I’m helping someone. Plus, I love the topics I research and write about.

I get to pick what and who I write for. Yes, I have deadlines, and yes I have clients, but I’m my own boss. Sure, there are responsibilities. But with those responsibilities I also gain freedom and choices I never dreamed of before.

Well, are you ready to go to work?

Good, give me a second to grab my laptop and we’ll be off to the pond.

By the way do you fish? If so, we can grab a pole or two on our way outside…

Editor’s note: Jan Davis hosts the website Everyday Homesteading.

Image: ©iStock.com/John Mroz

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