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Digital CurrenciesSimple Living

Strike a Blow for Financial Freedom with Digital Currencies

Cash is the most common method of payment around the world. It is widely accepted, easily transferred, and generally anonymous. You don't need permission from a bank to use it...

Simple Living

Regenerate Yourself with a Simple Lifestyle

I saw a quote the other day that inspired me. "Those people who tried to bury you didn't know that you were a seed." The author of the saying is unclear. Some attribute it to a poet and human...

Self-RelianceSimple Living

Redefine Success On Your Own Terms And Simplify Your Life

Back when I was a kid, if I scraped an elbow during a football scrimmage, my gung-ho high school coaches used to say "just rub some dirt on it." That sounded macho but never...

MinimalismSelf-RelianceSimple Living

Five Steps to Living Debt Free This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for enjoying the company of those you love, and showing them how much you care with thoughtful gifts or the simple pleasure of your company. But if you’re not careful, the...

DownsizingSimple Living

Simplify Your Life…with these Seven Great Apps

Technology is a funny thing. With all the various ways to communicate, services to subscribe to, and passwords to keep track of; you could hardly be blamed for letting it complicate your life.

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceSimple Living

Borrowing, Spending, and Escaping the System

Today’s economy no longer seems to work for the average American. His earnings go down. His debt goes up. He works longer to stay in the same place. He had to work 990 hours to buy a Ford F-150...

Simple Living

Create Space, Get Organized, and Travel Light

Whether you’re prepping for a move to a smaller space to save on mortgage or rent – or just trying to simplify the space you’re in – everyone can benefit from a good paring down. And one of the...

Simple Living

Four Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Oops, there goes another minute…and another one. Time ticks away, no matter how you try to make more of it. You spend your entire adult life trading precious minutes for money and lifestyle. The...

Simple Living

Why Simple Living Doesn’t Mean Being Frugal

Deep down you probably have a lurking suspicion that there are folks out there having more fun than you. Or simply that there's more to life than what you're doing now...