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How Your Home Energy Rating Could Save You Money

Summer's here and your utility bills are probably soaring along with the temperatures. But don't sweat it, because I've got some information that may help alleviate that perennial problem and give...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How to Avoid Scams: Four Tips

If you’re a retiree or approaching retirement, chances are you’ll soon become a high-profile target for scammers. Scams tend to target older customers, who grew up in an age where...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Invest in Real Food and Boost Your Nutrition

Imagine if you had to eat seven times as much food just to get your basic nutrition. You'd go to the store, buy a week's worth of groceries, and have to eat all of them in one day...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Four Powerful Home Flu Remedies

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is just about one of the most unpleasant conditions we humans encounter on a regular basis. Unlike the common cold, which has thousands of strains, flu is

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How To Make Money Selling Weed

Up until recently, marijuana sales were relegated to covert, black market deals. All you needed to become a weed entrepreneur was a scale, a few hundred dollars, and the willingness to serve

Health and IndependenceSelf-RelianceSimple Living

A Man, a Rolling Pin, and a Woodshed

As the sun came up this morning, my other half, Ben, slipped past me out the front door. He was off to his log cabin where a wondrous collection of woodworking tools encircles him...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Feel Satisfied by Learning Old Skills

Last month I made a phone call, and while the line was ringing I could feel the apprehension building in my chest. I was concerned that nobody would answer, because I was calling my cobbler...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How a Simple Exercise Could Make You Independently Wealthy

Before I quit my dreary corporate job and I did a goal-setting exercise. I wasn't planning a transformational life change...I just wanted to find gaps in my schedule to free up time and be more...

Health and IndependenceHomesteadingSelf-Reliance

Do You Know Where Your Eggs Come From?

You cannot even shop for basic staples like eggs anymore, without being subjected to deceptive marketing hype. You go to the supermarket and see eggs that are USDA certified...