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How to Be Independent in a Natural Disaster

As I sit in my soon-to-be-former home office, moving boxes crowding the floor, the lights are flickering. They flicker because I’m in Baltimore, in August, and that means one thing: Massive


How Your Smartphone Could Be Giving Up Your Privacy

My friend Alice went out for drinks with her crew from work. Someone at the table passed around his smartphone to demonstrate how to use an app to locate when you want to meet up...


Pursue Your Dream and Live Your Ideal Life

Sitting on our porch this evening my husband, Mike, and I realized we had finally done it. We had finally completed our dream. For years, we had dreamed of getting a plot of land in the...


How to Build a Compost Tumbler

Composting is great. It’s the perfect way to turn food scraps into something useful…it’s good for the soil…and it leads to healthier plants with increased yields. What’s not to like...

Living Off The GridUrban Homesteading

How to Live Off the Grid in the City

Most people who live in an urban environment don’t even consider the possibility of going off the grid. But even though there are some additional hoops to jump through, it’s a perfectly...


Four Ways to Protect Yourself from Poison Ivy

You may want to hire a professional landscaper for the job, which may be worth the cost when you consider the risk. If working near poison ivy yourself, take every precaution, including...


How to Buy Good Land for Your Homestead

Do you know what matters when you're buying land? I'm not talking about a house in the city – where you care about the kitchen, how many bathrooms you've got, or the view...

Financial FreedomSelf-Reliance

A Perfect Whiskey and a Crowdfunding Opportunity

I love whiskey. There are wine people, and beer people. I know both sorts, and can mingle with them easily. There are people who like their drinks mixed, and those who don’t like drinks at all...

Self-RelianceUrban Homesteading

Grow Your Own Food in the Heart of the City

Growing your own food once meant living in the country, owning acres of land, and plowing fields. Today, you can turn your driveway, backyard, or rooftop into an urban farm...