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Health and Independence

Why Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Your Own Choice

There's so much government dysfunction it makes you wonder what your elected officials are smoking. Speaking of which, weed is a textbook example...regardless of what position...

Health and Independence

Don’t Ignore the Physical Signs…Reclaim Your Energy With Sleep

When I was younger, I had a theory. I believed that I was entirely responsible for my own emotions. Basically – no matter what happened to me – events wouldn't determine how I felt...

Health and IndependenceVideos

Simple Solutions and Traditional Remedies

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to do everything for yourself…tie your shoelace…ride your bike… That’s the independent spirit. Sometimes we lose it along the way...

Health and IndependenceHomesteadingSelf-Reliance

Ginseng: This Long-Term Investment Could be Growing in Your Garden

Blake Dillman is following in his grandfather's footsteps. As a small-scale Appalachian ginseng grower, he is growing a plant with a rich regional and family history. "My grandpa cultivated wild...

Health and IndependenceIndependence TechSelf-Reliance

How Your Home Energy Rating Could Save You Money

Summer's here and your utility bills are probably soaring along with the temperatures. But don't sweat it, because I've got some information that may help alleviate that perennial problem and give...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How to Avoid Scams: Four Tips

If you’re a retiree or approaching retirement, chances are you’ll soon become a high-profile target for scammers. Scams tend to target older customers, who grew up in an age where...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Invest in Real Food and Boost Your Nutrition

Imagine if you had to eat seven times as much food just to get your basic nutrition. You'd go to the store, buy a week's worth of groceries, and have to eat all of them in one day...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Four Powerful Home Flu Remedies

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is just about one of the most unpleasant conditions we humans encounter on a regular basis. Unlike the common cold, which has thousands of strains, flu is

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How To Make Money Selling Weed

Up until recently, marijuana sales were relegated to covert, black market deals. All you needed to become a weed entrepreneur was a scale, a few hundred dollars, and the willingness to serve