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Free ThinkingUntethered

Uber, Escargot, and the Law of Unintended Consequences

You're not going to believe this, dear reader...but the unions are on strike today in France! Yes, sounds unlikely. We couldn't have imagined it ourselves. But there it is, right outside

Free Thinking

Swapping Bland Functionality for La Dolce Vita

We've come to awaken our senses, dear stir our soul to bathe in the waters that time forgot... Oh, and to check out some cheap digs! (More on that in upcoming

Free Thinking

How Much Are You Paying for Your Freedom?

We're in the "Paris of the North" this week, sometimes referred to simply as "Paris." The weather is overcast, but mild. The attire austere, but unaffected. The waiters curt, but efficient (at

Free Thinking

The Happiest Man in the World

Freedom. Wealth. Independence. Faithful Truth & Plenty readers know well our mission. (So too, we suspect, do unfaithful ones...) The freedom to go where you want, when you want... The wealth to

Free Thinking

The Kind of Voting That Really Matters

Today we leave behind the grubby world of politics and instead focus on the kind of voting that actually matters. That is, the votes you make with your feet...your wallet...and your precious,

Free Thinking

Do Something Meaningful This Election Day

Every place has its stories, its myths, its collective narratives...and its own rules and regulations to preserve it. Even here, in rainy ol' southern Ireland... When we last left you, we were

Free Thinking

The Most Despised Duo in American Electoral History

Is there something wrong with the world today? No matter where we look...from the top to the bottom of the Americas...on one side of the pond and the other...we are, at turns, puzzled and

Free Thinking

Texas: A Vision of America’s Future

Today, we write to you from a non-descript coffee shop in a nameless, faceless strip mall. We're somewhere off of I-10, right in the heart of Anywhere America. Without checking a map (or knowing

Free Thinking

Davy Crocket, Texas Tea, and the Lone Star State

Can you lead a simpler, richer, freer life here in the Lone Star State? That depends... Davy Crockett certainly thought so. "I must say as to what I have seen of Texas it is the garden spot of