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Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Four Services That Give You Free Money To Sign Up

The next time someone tells you “there’s no such thing as free money”, you can smile smugly, armed with the knowledge that this is no longer true. Businesses are constantly giving away cash

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Call the Shots on your Working Hours with an Online Income

Richard Branson (among others) famously said, “Time is the new money.” And once you gain control of your time you’ll discover something far more important… It’s a new-found rhythm, one that...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Six Best Free Apps for Shopping Deals Online to Save Money

It’s almost always cheaper to buy things online. Just last week I picked up two replacement headlights normally retailing at $70 for about $12 each. Plus, if you live in a rural area, shopping...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceOnline Income

Four Ways to Invest Your Way to a Passive Income

Do you ever dream of joining the ranks of investors who make enough passive income to support themselves? Knowing how and when to invest your money can be tricky when there’s so many options...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceHomesteading

Find a New Income for a Better Way of Life

The farm I live on in rural Georgia dates back before the Civil War and is surrounded by 100-year-old pecan trees. When my grandfather bought it back in the 60s, it comprised several...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

You Don’t Need a Job to Make Money

Most people are what I call "civilians." They live the civilian life. I have no complaints against them. Often I am jealous of them. They go to work. They have their families. They argue politics...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Easy Income from Your Daily Activities

Sometimes, all it takes to get started on the path to eliminating debt and living the life of your dreams is a little extra cash on the side. Those of us who are already putting in a full work...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Set Up Your Second, Secret Income

Career options and work environments have changed since you were younger. Work beliefs that were drilled into your head aren’t today’s reality. Maybe you had creative dreams back in the day, but...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceSimple Living

Borrowing, Spending, and Escaping the System

Today’s economy no longer seems to work for the average American. His earnings go down. His debt goes up. He works longer to stay in the same place. He had to work 990 hours to buy a Ford F-150...