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Online Income

Ditch the Office for a Freelance Income

Oh...the joy of not having to show up at the office in the morning and remain confined there for the rest of the day. You could rise at your leisure...take a yoga class...go for coffee...walk in

Simple Living

Shake Off the Stresses in Your Own Personal Space

This time of year, my trusty blacksnake – who lives behind my toolshed and vigilantly protects me from poisonous snakes, mice, and other pests – will shed his five-foot-long skin to...


Find Simple Solutions to Everyday Homesteading Problems

I grappled with unforeseen problems all weekend long...and it was delightful. It started when I discovered volunteers invading my garden...perennials that just show up uninvited...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How a Simple Exercise Could Make You Independently Wealthy

Before I quit my dreary corporate job and I did a goal-setting exercise. I wasn't planning a transformational life change...I just wanted to find gaps in my schedule to free up time and be more...

Health and IndependenceHomesteadingSelf-Reliance

Do You Know Where Your Eggs Come From?

You cannot even shop for basic staples like eggs anymore, without being subjected to deceptive marketing hype. You go to the supermarket and see eggs that are USDA certified...

Health and IndependenceHomesteadingSelf-Reliance

Trials, Errors and Neighborly Advice

If complications are headed my way, I prefer to spot them from the ridge top and head them off at the pass...rather than let them ambush me in my sleep, unaware...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Give Big Ag the Big Heave Ho…Buy Local or Grow Your Own

You go out of your way – and deeper into your wallet – to buy wholesome, healthy food. But you can still get scammed. Millions of pounds of imported food marked USDA Organic – but...


Living a Stress-Free Snowbird Lifestyle in Florida and Maine

Jim Kovaleski's got the right idea. The 55-year-old enjoys the flexibility of both a winter and a summer home...without paying exorbitantly for that kind of highly desirable lifestyle...

Financial Freedom

Dropping Out of the Rat Race for a Self-Sufficient Life

America is on the move. More and more folks are seeing the light and taking back control of their lives. I'm always curious about the different ways they choose to make a success of it...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Off-Grid and Mortgage-Free in Sunny Arizona

Bob Adams and Karen Kulik didn't much like the idea of having jobs and mortgages. So they gave them up for freedom and independence. "I decided that instead of waiting until I was...