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Enjoy a Clean Water Supply on Your Homestead

"These Louisiana residents will have to cook, bathe and drink with only bottled water until the situation can be rectified." You'd likely have no trouble dating this news line to Hurricane...


Here’s to a Lighter, Easier, More Relaxed You

Several years ago weight loss was at the top of my New Year's resolutions list...I wanted to lose those clingy five pounds. Two years later...I still had not lost them...


Beware of America’s Third Biggest Killer

Have you scheduled your annual physical check-up yet? My physician lectured me for 15 minutes the last time I had mine...but not in the way you might think. He wasn't on my case about cholesterol...


Your Healthcare Matters More than a Milkshake and Fries

I had Blue Cross health insurance in Virginia in the 1990s. Back in those days Blue Cross/Blue Shield was primarily a network of nonprofit co-ops...not money-grabbing, private entities...


Feeling Railroaded? Get off the Fast Track…and the Grid

I don't know if you've ever built railroads by hand with tools like picks and sledgehammers, but if by chance you have, shoot me an email (via because we need to...


Your Health is not a Corporate Benefit

If I had told you when you were in first grade that someday – after sitting in school for another 15 years – you'd begin every day of your life in a traffic jam, with your brain fuming like a car

Free Thinking

Please Don’t Feed the Bears…on Wall Street

The financial outlook is rosy from Washington to Wall Street, and for good reason. For nearly eight consecutive years the U.S. economy has beaten the pants off of other leading nations – and...


Take Aim at What’s Wrong with Your Life…and Pull the Trigger

In early December, while most of America (maybe even you) was driving around in circles looking for a parking space at the mall, I put on a pair of boots and walked out into the woods...


Carefree, Debt-Free, and Enjoying the Good Life

I don’t mind making sacrifices or shouldering a burden if I know that it’s moving me forward to where I want to be. But I was miserable in my job and I really couldn’t stand my predicament...

Living Off The Grid

Cut Your Energy Costs and Protect Your Supply

I was in New York's JFK airport, about to catch a flight, when the woman sitting next to me grabbed her husband's arm and said, "I smell smoke!". They started frantically looking around for the...