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Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Easy Investing for the Little Guy

The other day I was watching "March Madness" college basketball with a friend when he asked me if I knew anything about investing in the stock market. I suddenly experienced one of those...

Self-RelianceSimple Living

Distracted Driving, Corporate Culture, and a Wild Turkey

Earlier this year I was circling a city on the freeway when an SUV came hurtling toward me – straddling the double-yellow line – as the not-so-smart driver stared down at a smartphone...

Self-RelianceSimple Living

Get Your Regular Dose of “Me-Time” and Focus on Yourself

Katharine and Audrey Hepburn were my kind of women. Or as I like to frame it and tell myself, I'm their kind of man. "I've just done what I damn well wanted to," the fiercely independent Katharine...

Living Off The Grid

Step Back From the Grindstone and Live Your Ideal Life

If you are like most mature Americans, you're still struggling to make ends meet, while spending a fortune on basic overhead and repayment of debt. You may see no clear path forward to retirement...


Why Home Security is Something I Don’t Need to Worry About

Today I walked all the way down my gravel driveway, past my 50-foot long woodpile, to the mailbox...only to find some junk mail that made me laugh out loud. Some company wants to sell me a home...


Get Your Hands Dirty with a New Healthcare Plan

If you are 50 years old, here's a statistic that will add a few gray hairs to your head. The cost of healthcare has grown at least 10 times faster than your nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)...

Financial FreedomHomesteadingSelf-Reliance

Why Big Pharma is Turning to Marijuana

When I was a boy, my grandmother got sick. Within a month or two she was bedridden and couldn’t talk to me any more. She had lost weight and it seemed like she aged 30 years in the blink of an eye...


Four Small Gadgets to Bail You Out of a Tight Spot

A few years ago I was hiking with a friend on a trail in the Smoky Mountains when we encountered another hiker who needed immediate medical attention. He had tripped on a...


Hemp, Health and Changing Times

A few days ago, when I met some entrepreneurs who had an exhibit and booth at an agricultural conference. They were selling hemp-based pain relief products that they touted as anti-inflammatory...


Trade Gridlock for a Simpler, Slower Life

Congressional gridlock has long been considered the New Normal. But did you know that our nation's capital is both literally and figuratively the most gridlocked city in America?