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Six Homesteading Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Homesteaders makes full use of the natural resources at their disposal in order to grow their own food…harvest their own water and power…and properly dispose of waste in a sustainable manner...


Build A Compact Survival Kit

It never hurts to be prepared. Large sections of our world are constantly subject to environmental disasters and violent upheaval and most signs seem to indicate things are going to get worse...

HomesteadingUrban Homesteading

Five Ways to Get the Most out of Your Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens allow for the maximum possible yield in the smallest possible space, making food production possible even in an urban environment. They are cheap to build, and many designs make...

HomesteadingSelf-RelianceSimple Living

Top 10 Homesteading Tips

Homesteading is the ultimate expression of individuality and self-sufficiency. You provide for yourself, form a mutually-beneficial relationship with the land, and take direct responsibility for...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceGeographical Independence

Live Rich on Your Travel Points

Did you know that most of the people sitting in first class are paying the same or less for their ticket as those in economy? It’s true, they’re just more savvy about acquiring airline miles...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceSimple LivingTiny Homes

Cut Costs, Increase Skills, and Enjoy Life

You can beat your mortgage debt and save bundles of cash by downsizing your living space. Right now, there’s a big trend toward tiny homes and RV living. By getting yourself a mobile tiny home,

DIY GardeningHomesteading

Seven Steps to Planting Your Own Kitchen Garden

Food production is an important aspect of self-sufficiency, and certainly an easy place to start reclaiming your independence. Remember, you don’t need a lot of room to start a garden. Herb...

Financial FreedomFinancial IndependenceTiny Homes

How to Plan For Small-Space Living

Choosing to a simple, more affordable life leads to less stress and more rewards. And moving into a tiny home—or at least a smaller space—is a surefire step in the right direction. After all,

Tiny Homes

Eight Clever Storage Strategies for Small-Space Living

Most tiny houses range in size from 100 to 400 square feet. Unless you’ve been living in a budget, studio apartment, this means a big change in living area. But this is your opportunity to take a...

DIY Gardening

Cut Your Garbage Costs by Composting

Composting is an easy way to reduce the amount of household waste you’re disposing and create a free fertilizer for your garden. An estimated 30% of all waste is compostable. That means you can...