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Living Off The Grid

Five Electricity-Free Appliances for Living Off the Grid

You can save several hundred dollars a year by using power-free alternatives to your everyday appliances. You’ll find tried and true, traditional methods of cleaning, cooking, heating water...

Urban Homesteading

Four Easy, Edible Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the growing season has to end. You’ll find myriad healthy, nutritious plants that can be grown indoors year-round. If you’ve got the space...


Six Essential Tools for the Small Farm or Homestead

As a farmer, your tools are an important investment. It pays to get the best…but it can also cost. Without experience, you might end up spending a lot on things you don’t really need...


Four Tips for Selling at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets can provide income for your self-sufficient lifestyle, and connect you with local farmers and the larger community. You don’t have to have a big operation to make use of market...


Five Great States for Homesteading

America is a big place with vastly different cultures, growing seasons, land prices, and local government. This is certainly a good thing if you’re looking to escape the rat race and set up a...

Online Income

Five Great Websites for Freelance Work

It feels great to get rid of the boss and work for yourself. Having the freedom to choose your own schedule and interact directly with clients provides a more satisfying and meaningful work...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Four Services That Give You Free Money To Sign Up

The next time someone tells you “there’s no such thing as free money”, you can smile smugly, armed with the knowledge that this is no longer true. Businesses are constantly giving away cash


Four Clever Ways to Keep Your House Warm

Being able to save money in clever and creative ways is a critical skill for anyone who wants to live independently…and affordably. Between the holidays and the drop in temperature, winter tends...

Online Income

Six Free Tools for Freelancing, Online Working, and Self-Employment

You can become independent and self-sufficient by creating new online incomes, rather than depending on a single employer to provide you with a job and a salary. Freelance or other work-from-home...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Six Best Free Apps for Shopping Deals Online to Save Money

It’s almost always cheaper to buy things online. Just last week I picked up two replacement headlights normally retailing at $70 for about $12 each. Plus, if you live in a rural area, shopping...