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5 Ways Renting Land Could Earn You Extra Income

Planning on settling down on a nice plot of land for your retirement? If you’re looking into purchasing a sizeable plot and setting up a homestead or farm you’ll have access to several...

Living Off The Grid

What Does Living Off The Grid Mean?

What does it mean to live off the grid, and why are so many people choosing it? Off-grid living is a lifestyle typically characterized by complete separation from municipal water, power, and...

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

Four Powerful Home Flu Remedies

Influenza, commonly known as “the flu”, is just about one of the most unpleasant conditions we humans encounter on a regular basis. Unlike the common cold, which has thousands of strains, flu is

Health and IndependenceSelf-Reliance

How To Make Money Selling Weed

Up until recently, marijuana sales were relegated to covert, black market deals. All you needed to become a weed entrepreneur was a scale, a few hundred dollars, and the willingness to serve


How to Make Your Own Straw Bale Garden

Want to try something new to extend your gardening season? If you’ve struggled to grow plants in your backyard in the past, you might want to consider setting up a straw bale garden...


5 Tips For A Successful Homestead

A self-sufficient life is incredibly rewarding. You appreciate the simple things and find value in providing for yourself from the ground up. Living off the land is certainly different from an...


Seven Lucrative, Easy-To-Grow Plants For Your Garden

Think you can’t make enough selling plants from your garden to support yourself? Think again. Anyone with a little bit of land and some patience could easily profit by growing speciality...

Online Income

How To Set Up A Website For Your Small Business

Your independent income, either from a farmers-market stall or a new freelance career, will be more successful with your own website…and it’s easier to set one up than you might think...


Your Guide to Homesteading in Alaska

Although the climate can be harsh, Alaska is a homesteader’s paradise. If you’re able to get a hold of land in the southeast part of the region, you’ll have mild weather most of the year...

Financial FreedomHomesteading

Can You Make Money Selling Firewood?

Cutting down trees, hauling wood, and splitting logs makes for a great workout; but it can also pad your pocketbook. Depending on where you live, there could be a big demand for firewood...