To go where you want, when you want. To be your own boss. To ask no permission and to seek no approval. To be…free.

No money worries. No time constraints. Not a care in the world.

Just you…and the life you want.

Most people never get to experience that kind of living. Instead, they have jobs to do, deadlines to meet, mortgages to pay and debts to service. They are trapped.

And that’s a shame. Because they needn’t be. Not now. Not in today’s world.

We explore ideas that help people gain more independence and freedom in their lives—so they have more control over the way they spend their time, how they earn, what they eat, and more.

It’s easy to feel trapped in a life that doesn’t look like or feel like the one you imagined for yourself…a life where your interests and dreams take a back seat to the drudgery of work, to that never-ending to-do list, to just “keeping up” with the bills…with the Joneses… with the expectations you feel you have to meet.

For lots of people, the pace of life gets overwhelming. If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “There has got to be a better way,” then you’ll like what we do here.

Because you’re right—there IS a better way. A way of life that’s simpler, easier, slower, and happier.

And our goal at Walden Publishing is to hand you the roadmap to it. We help you escape, by giving you the inspiration—and the how-to tools—you need to begin creating for yourself a life where you have more control over the decisions you make, over how you spend your time, where you spend your money, and what your day-to-day life looks like.

It’s fair to say we take a contrarian view of the world. That’s because, frankly, we’re suspicious of many of the assumptions people make about how things are “supposed” to work.

In our view, the world offers lots of options for a saner, easier, simpler, healthier, richer, more satisfying lifestyle than most people realize.

A lot of “systems” in our society benefit the big guy and leave everyday people at their mercy. The banking system, the food-production system, the earning system, the spending system, even the system that dictates how we spend our time. Most folks just shrug their shoulders and carry on, because that’s “what you do.”

But we take it as our mission to show you how to explore—and embrace—the opportunities that exist for “taking back” your life… for gaining a greater measure of freedom and independence so you control what your life looks like.

Thoughtful and practical, our publications show you a path to a way of life that’s easier, simpler, and happier.

With our monthly newsletter, Independence Monthly, we show you the path to a life where you gain the freedom to live life on your own terms. Inside you’ll discover practical tools and useful ideas to help you ditch the debt and reclaim a life of true independence and dignity.

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