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Four Great States for Solar Power Incentives

Installing a solar system means you’re eligible for a hefty tax credit from the federal government. The investment tax credit, also known as the “ITC,” allows you to deduct 30% of the cost...


Take Your First Steps To Alternative Energy

For example, you can get a small fridge that will use propane, and can be plugged in to your power source, or a freezer that can run on just your 12-volt battery. These invariably use less power, and..

Remote WorkingUntethered

No Vacation Goes Unpunished

Everyone knows that corporations deliberately assign more work than you can possibly complete during an eight-hour day. Many people who have nine-to-five jobs work at least 50 hours a week..


Four Essential Tips For Hurricane Survival

As terrifying as the hurricane was, with planning and luck we came through without a scratch. If you ever find yourself in a similar fix, here are a few lessons that helped guide us through...

Financial IndependenceOnline Income

Become Your Own Boss With A Second Career

In my first year of making money from my photography, I earned over $5,000. I couldn't believe how easy it was to create an income doing something I loved...

Health and Wellbeing

Feel Younger With Tai Chi

You may have once thought you were invulnerable, with vitality to spare. The idea of one day depending on someone else was a far-fetched fallacy. We all thought that once...

Online IncomeRemote Working

How to Generate Extra Income with these Seasonal Jobs

Are you starting to worry about how much you’ll spend this holiday season? Is your savings a little less than you originally thought? With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s a good idea to...


What is Companion Planting…And Five Great Examples

When planted closely together, certain plants enhance each other. Companion plants may suppress weeds or provide protection from pests or from heat and wind. They may provide soil...

DownsizingSimple Living

How to Declutter Your Home and Earn Money

When you are ready to tackle the job of decluttering, you need to make a plan, stay focused, and cash in on your effort…all while keeping your sanity. Before you start, realize this will be a

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