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Health and Wellbeing

The Real Secrets of the Emergency Room

While care must always be individualized, there are basics about how to avoid ER visits, how to know when to go, and how to manage the visit. What follows is not...


Discover the Farm-Fresh Flavor of Smoked Meat

In my family, ham and bacon are our favorite treats. We enjoy good quality smoked meats – particularly pork – and have raised our own hogs for many years...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Be Vigilant and Protect Your Online Finances

The CEO who was at the helm of Equifax when it experienced a massive data breach did the unthinkable. He apologized. Of course, he only did...

Living Off The Grid

Beat Winter Weather with Your Own Supplies

As Henry David Thoreau observed at Walden Pond, firewood warms you twice. Once when you get a good workout while splitting it, and again when you...


Reclaim the Joy of Working with Vintage Tractors

My first tractor was a 1952 Farmall H. Simply and ruggedly designed, it is a bulletproof machine. Developed in what was likely the height of simple American...

Living Off The Grid

Quit Paying Utility Companies and Get Free Solar Power

When you think of being "off the grid" it's easier to picture Thoreau at Walden Pond...or an Amish horse and buggy...than Fortune 500 CEOs and Wall Street bankers...

Remote Working

Wake Up Camping on a Monday Morning

On a Monday morning like this, I'll check my email on my cellphone, but there's hardly ever anything that needs immediate attention. The rest of the morning...

Living Off The Grid

Six Off the Grid Hacks You Need to Know

Becoming self-sufficient and living off the grid will give you the freedom and independence you have always dreamed of. But this type of lifestyle also comes with some challenges...


Can You Make Money Homesteading?

Traffic, deadlines, debt, and an increasing sense of alienation from the crowded, suffocating lifestyles offered by cities are good reasons to seek out a calmer, healthier more fulfilling way to

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