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Silence the Voice of Doubt that Holds You back

After a week spent brainstorming and planning in Switzerland, my business partner and I were headed to Zurich on the train. He was returning to London later that afternoon while I was...


How to Be Independent in a Natural Disaster

As I sit in my soon-to-be-former home office, moving boxes crowding the floor, the lights are flickering. They flicker because I’m in Baltimore, in August, and that means one thing: Massive

Financial Independence

Your Digital Assets May Be Lost in Cyberspace

You never know who your seatmate will be when you board a flight…but you probably hope it’s someone who will keep their nose in a novel and not jabber your ears off...

Online Income

Four Simple Income Opportunities

There is little doubt that today’s world offers virtually unlimited opportunity for generating an income “outside the box.” The possibilities are endless- ideas such as importing goods to sell on...

EducationFinancial FreedomOnline Income

Earn and Learn with the Gig Economy

They are great for getting from A to B, but they lack soul...too packed with speeding cars, trucks, and stress. Like so much of modern life, it's hard to keep up when driving on freeways...

Health and Independence

Why Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Your Own Choice

There's so much government dysfunction it makes you wonder what your elected officials are smoking. Speaking of which, weed is a textbook example...regardless of what position...

Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

Weather the Storm…Keep Some Cash in Your Back Pocket

Visa believes that you and I want the "freedom" of not paying for things in cash. The credit card giant just launched a major push to coerce mom-and-pop restaurants to go cashless...

Health and Independence

Don’t Ignore the Physical Signs…Reclaim Your Energy With Sleep

When I was younger, I had a theory. I believed that I was entirely responsible for my own emotions. Basically – no matter what happened to me – events wouldn't determine how I felt...


How Your Smartphone Could Be Giving Up Your Privacy

My friend Alice went out for drinks with her crew from work. Someone at the table passed around his smartphone to demonstrate how to use an app to locate when you want to meet up...

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