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4 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

Saving money doesn’t have to mean cutting back or learning to do more with less. Sometimes, all you need is a few techniques that encourage you to set aside cash for your future...


Emerson, Thoreau, and Self-Reliance

In 1846, smack dab in the middle of his Walden experiment, Henry David Thoreau was thrown in jail. For years, he'd refused to pay a local poll tax. His argument against paying the tax was...


Make a Career Change at 60 with a New Craft

Every morning, Alfred Rordame and his wife, Emily, wake up early and drive to one of the many canyons neighboring their Salt Lake City home – usually City Creek Canyon – and take a walk...

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Ginseng: This Long-Term Investment Could be Growing in Your Garden

Blake Dillman is following in his grandfather's footsteps. As a small-scale Appalachian ginseng grower, he is growing a plant with a rich regional and family history. "My grandpa cultivated wild...

Living Off The Grid

Build an Off-Grid Log Cabin for Debt-Free Living

Steve Hickman and his wife, DeLaura Padovan, live mortgage-free in an off-grid log cabin that Steve designed and built himself in King George, Virginia. "It's still not 'technically' finished,"


How the Right Soil and the Right Crop can Create an Easy Income

Blueberries are a high-yield, high-profit crop that you can easily grow and sell. But, as Tom Kerr points out, getting the soil right is the first step. When you opt to buy land and grow food...

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How Your Home Energy Rating Could Save You Money

Summer's here and your utility bills are probably soaring along with the temperatures. But don't sweat it, because I've got some information that may help alleviate that perennial problem and give...


Is Renting Your Property the Best Option for You?

Not long ago, a question came in from one of your fellow subscribers. She was rightsizing her life, leaving behind a large house in a big city for a smaller, easier space and a simpler existence...

Living Off The Grid

Net Metering: Take the Power Away from the Utility Companies

I've known Dave and Sierra Hollister since their adult kids were knee-high to a grasshopper. They made history in my home state of North Carolina...blazing a pioneering trail for...

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