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Financial FreedomFinancial Independence

How a Vacation Can Save You Money

When I was a young man, a gentleman in his 80s gave me some sage financial advice. "Anyone can make money," he said. "The hard part is to know how to spend it...


Be Your Own Boss and Enjoy Your Independence

Whatever independent lifestyle you choose, you get to decide for yourself what you want to do and when you want to do it. Go for a hike...catch the next plane out to visit friends or

Independence Tech

Protect Your Data from Hacks

Back in January, I alerted you to ways that the "big three" credit reporting agencies – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax – can compromise your privacy and sell your personal data...


Five Sustainable Ways to Water Your Garden

Have you been experiencing a long, dry spell where you live? Are you getting tired of seemingly endless runs out to water your garden, only to watch your water bills climb? Hot and...

Digital CurrenciesFinancial Freedom

Why Cryptocurrencies Keep Growing

Recent financial studies – funded by big banks such as JPMorgan – claim that fewer merchants are accepting bitcoin. That's true. A few companies that used to accept direct payment in bitcoin....


Make Sure 911 Can Locate You in an Emergency

According to the Federal Communications Commission, 70% of 911 calls are now made from cell phones, and callers mistakenly assume that dispatchers know exactly where they are...

Financial Freedom

What is Financial Freedom?

You know the fear of an impending tax bill or an unforeseen expense like dental work or car repair. Your credit card bill probably hangs over you like a sword. And you’re most likely tied to a


How to Escape When Your Car is Sinking

Hurricane season has barely begun...yet it has already taken dozens of lives while wreaking havoc. Meanwhile, multiple threats in the form of newly - developing tropical storms are queuing-up...

Health and Independence

How Flu Prevention Can Be a Lot of Fun

Has the flu ever snuck up on you and then – wham! – before you know it you're laid up on the couch missing an important engagement? You don't have to let this infectious bully ruin your fun...

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