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If you own a homestead or just a few acres of land, you might want to consider raising rabbits. For many decades, rabbits have added value to homesteads and created income for people looking to become more self-sufficient.

No matter what size property you own, if you have enough space for chickens you surely have plenty of room to raise some rabbits.

There are many different breeds to choose from so you can find the right rabbit for you.

Plus, they are fun to raise. If you have children, allowing them to help with raising rabbits will give them a sense of responsibility that will last a lifetime.

Buy a pair of rabbits and get started breeding these amazing and sustainable animals. Here are six good reasons why.

1. Good food source: Rabbits are a great source of meat that is high in protein and will make a great addition to your food pantry.

2. Good revenue source: You can breed rabbits for sale. They produce large litters up to 14 per litter and the gestation period for most rabbit breeds is between 28 to 31 days, which means your rabbits could produce a new litter each month. While you would not want to overbreed your animals, one pair of rabbits could provide you with dozens of babies for sale each year.

3. Pelt sales: Believe it or not, the fur trade is still a viable way to add some income to your homestead. If you are raising rabbits for meat, why not save the pelts for some extra income? Depending on the rabbit pelts, it could sell for around $5 each which can quickly add up depending on the number of rabbits you raise each year.

4. Small spaces: One of the best parts of raising rabbits is that they can be kept in a small space. This means that even if you only have limited space, you can raise these very suitable animals.

5. Natural fertilizer: Rabbit droppings make your garden grow. Their manure is one of the best natural fertilizers you could ask for. Unlike chicken manure that can contain too much nitrogen, rabbit manure is more balanced and is safe to use on just about any type of garden plant. Rabbit manure contains a wide range of beneficial minerals and nutrients that will have your garden looking great in no time at all.

6. Great composters: A great way to make the most of those veggies you grow in your garden is by feeding your rabbits vegetable scraps instead of tossing them out. This will provide a nutrient-packed meal for your rabbits and help cut down on waste at the same time.

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