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Financial Freedom

The Investor Who Beat Buffett

Long, long ago...before he began his digital scribbles in these here pages, your nostalgic editor managed a publication dedicated to finance and investing. was loosely dedicated to

Financial Freedom

The TSA’s $1.4 Million Coin Toss

Today we take a step back...draw a deep breath...and dare to cast a skeptical eye at the weird and wonderful world around us. As far as we can tell, in matters of money... politics...

Financial Freedom

The “Buffett Indicator”…A Path to Profit

When I first met Eric Fry, he was seated at the head of a large oak table in the editorial room of a fashionable Baltimore mansion. Around the table sat a dozen or so of the keenest financial

Financial Independence

Steps to Take Towards Wealth Independence

This morning we walked with our daughter to one of her favorite parks in the city. Well...your editor walked. His daughter rode in grander, sedan style (also known as baby carriage). The days

Financial Freedom

Black Holes, Diapers, and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy

Today, we take a break from our series on wealth independence. It's too nice an afternoon to talk about compound inflation and negative interest rates. Besides, the seasons are beginning to

Financial Freedom

The War on Your Wallet Wears a Mask of “Convenience”

Your editor is standing in line at Best Buy with his wife and his father-in-law. We are here to do some shopping. Or rather, your editor's wife is here to do some shopping...on behalf of our

Financial Freedom

The Government’s Secret War Will Leave You Broke

Usually when the government declares war on something, it's a great success...for the "something," that is. Think about the so-called "War on Poverty" or the "War on Drugs" or the latest

Financial Freedom

The Bad Spending Habits of the American Public

Sunshine overhead. A fresh breeze in from the south. The leaves beginning to turn from deep green to a soft yellow. It's too fine a day to talk about money...but we promised you we would. So,

Financial FreedomFree Thinking

According to a Princeton Study, the Price of Happiness is…

There are a half-dozen cafés within a block or two of our apartment. One serves terrible coffee...but in a pleasing enough environment. Another has an excellent WiFi connection...but waiters that